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Happy Easter everyone~! 



CrissColfer Week » Day 5: Yin and Yang [x]

"They’re very different, in a Yin-Yang way: Chris is a quiet, self-effacing craftsman who goes about his business of perfecting the almost lost art of extremely subtle acting for the camera - he’s aware, I think, of how a tiny shift of the planes of his face convey his thoughts and emotions; Darren is cheerfully and robustly conquering the world with a tireless energy for the many things heaped on his plate all at once." — Brad Ellis



Darren staring at Chris at the Paleyfest 2011 (x)

What's crisscolfer??




Ok, this is CrissColfer but this is the only CrissColfer interview we ever had in two years. 22 seconds of lovely flirt. Good old times. It wasn’t planned 

Chris: “We’re just talking about the kiss.”

Darren: “Oh, is that like disclosed information?”

Chris: “First of all, you never called me after, so let’s bring that up.”

Darren: “Listen, I can’t play that easy to get, you know. It’s like, first kiss…”

Chris: “You didn’t call. You said you would.”

Darren: “I’m embarrassed I’ve been put on the spot.”

Chris: “I mean, I don’t kiss and tell. Unless it’s on camera.” 

Darren: “You know, like many relationships, I think I’m just gonna run away.”



they look so happy together


Puppy eyes of doom


Fanarts from kairu321, bollockingwankshite and me:












shipper number 3! 

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